Dr. Juan C. Levesque, Fishery Biologist, has authored and co-authored numerous peer-review articles on a variety of marine resources. He has published articles featuring sharks, marine mammals, marine policy, commercial fisheries, and fishes. His publications are wide-ranging from characterizing artisanal fishing communities in Nepal and the swordfish fishery in South Florida to describing life-history characteristics of ladyfish. Dr. Levesque has published review and research articles using his own data or data he helped collected. A couple of articles were based on data collected by other researchers or publicly available information. He generally prefers to publish in peer-review journals that are open-access. He strongly believes science and the exchange of scientific information should be open and available to everyone at no charge. Mr. Levesque understands that it costs money to publish articles in a journal, but he believes charging a fee to have full access to an article limits the exchange of scientific information for many international researchers from developing countries. Besides publishing his research in peer-review journals, he also contributes to the scientific community by periodically serving as a reviewer for academic peer-review journals.

Peer Review Articles


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