03. August 2017
We spent the week visiting and playing with Niah and Maddox. We played checkers and Chinese pick-up sticks. We celebrated Kennedy's first birthday. We used the fire pit. We also went to the town pool and looked for water bugs. On the last day, we had a drawing contest and Niah won. What do you think about Niah's American Girl drawing?
01. August 2017
Started working on my upcoming AFS presentation. I finally built my background and have a template. I now have to choose the most useful information to share with the audience. My talk can only be 15 minutes so I will try to use 15-17 slides. In general, 1 min/slide is a good way to judge time.
25. July 2017
I am continuing to work on my first webpage. I love how it is coming along, but I have to admit that it is taking a lot longer than expected.