Juan and Frances have three boys (Joshua, Christopher, and Corey) and six grandchildren (Maddox, Niah, Liam, Lydia, Gabriel, and Kennedy). Joshua lives in Louisiana, Christopher in Missouri, and Corey in Florida. All the kids decided to start their families at a young age, which forced Juan and Frances to become grandparents at an early age. Juan admits that becoming a grandfather at 38 was really odd for him. It actually took a couple of years for it to sink in, but after it did....he really embraced it. Different than Juan, Frances has always been comfortable with the idea from day one.


Today, Frances and Juan love to visit with their kids and grandkids whenever they can, but since most of them live out of state they often have to rely on Skype. Skype is obviously not the same, but it has been a great tool to connect. For Juan and Frances it has been a unique experience seeing their kids raise their own kids. It goes without saying that often children choose their own way to raise their kids, which is influenced by education, society, friends, and family; it often depends on how they were raised as children. As such, each of the kids have selected their own unique philosophy on how to raise their kids that is obviously strongly influenced by their wives. As Grandparents, Juan and Frances also have their own way of thinking and unique experiences to share with the family. Given their love for God and what it means to them, their goal has always been to show love and support to their kids and grandchildren. Throughout the years, they have not always agreed with some of their decisions in life, but they have always loved their kids. As a parent and grandparent, Juan and Frances strongly believe it is their duty to give guidance when needed; it might not always be accepted...but they strive to say it in love. The dynamics between parents and their kids is always interesting!   

Joshua is our oldest son. He was named after the great leader in the Hebrew Bible's Book of Joshua. Joshua met Evin at a restaurant where she was working at the time. They have been married five years. Joshua and Evan live in Arkansas with their beautiful boy Gabriel. Joshua and Evan seem to balance each other, which is great given Joshua's large personality and free spirit. Joshua is known for his comedic skills. They both do an incredible job with Gabriel given his CHARGE syndrome. We are proud of them.


Christopher is our middle child, which is a running family joke. Actually, Christopher and Corey are fraternal twins, but Christopher was delivered first. Christopher has known Gwen since he was a boy. They have been married for over 10 years. They live in Missouri with their their three wonderful kids: Maddox, Niah, and Kennedy. Christopher loves motorsports and is known for his engineering skills.

Corey is our youngest child since he was delivered a few minutes after Christopher, his fraternal twin brother. Corey met Amanda at a restaurant; they were co-workers. They have been married for over five years. Corey and Amanda live in Florida with their two beautiful kids: Liam and Lydia. Corey loves the beach and is known for his computer skills.